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Japan Awards Solomons Student with Scholarship

A Solomon Islander on Government of Japan scholarship will leave to study in Japan.

Stronger Economic Growth Forecast for Pacific

The economic performance of several Pacific countries is improving, but greater reforms are needed if they are to reach their full potential, according to Pacific Economic Survey 2008.

Honiara Futsal Prepares for Solomon Games in Auki

The coach of the Honiara Futsal Team, Simon Dyer said that his boys are preparing hard for the upcoming Solomon Games to take place in Malaita's provincial capital, Auki.

Soul Kizs Sensation Tours Papua New Guinea

New music sensation of Solomon Islands, the Soul Kizs had just arrived this afternoon from their tour to Papua New Guinea.

Fiji Overwhelmed by Support for Earth Hour

On Saturday, Fiji joined other countries around the world for Earth Hour and was overwhelmed by the support from around the country.

Premier Lokopio to Stop Export of Live Dolphins from Western Province

The International Marine Mammal Project of Earth Island Institute is thanking Mr. Alex Lokopio, Premier of the Western Province of the Solomon Islands, for rejecting the capture and export of live dolphins.

COM Helps Fight Against AIDS

The Church of Melanesia (COM) recently launched its HIV and AIDS policy and work programme. The COM also commissioned members, within its congregation, tasked with implementing the work programmes.

Rove Betel Nut Stalls up Again

The Rove betel nut stalls has been at the centre of continuous row between the vendors and the Honiara City Council. The betel nut stalls were recently shut down by the Honiara City Council stating that the stalls were erected illegally.

Solomons Tuna Stock Healthy: Fisheries Minister Leni

The Ministry of Fisheries hopes to collect 100-million dollars in government revenue for the first time this year.

Students Call on Government to Deal With Allowances

Government sponsored students at the University of the South Pacific Laucala Campus in Suva, Fiji are calling on the government to immediately deal with their allowances.

Effects of Global Warming in the Solomons

Minister for Environment, Conservation and Meteorology Gordon Darcy Lilo confirms that effects of global warming are now evident in Solomon Islands.

Freak Accident Kills Mocker

A freak accident in Honiara awes members of the public to have fear for God.

New Members for East Malaita and Aoke-Langalanga

Results in the two bye-elections on Malaita Province have been released.

Fiji's Support of China in Tibet Incites Criticism

Fiji's Interim Prime Minister has had to defend his stand in the China-Tibet issue after mounting criticism and allegations of supporting abuse of human rights.

Community Broadcasting Going Strong in Isabel Province

While the capital city of the country, Honiara, boasts that it has three FM stations, eight communities on Isabel Province are quietly enjoying eight Community FM stations established around the Province since last year.

Parliament Debates 2008 Budget

Debate on the 2008 budget started yesterday and is expected to end Monday next week.

2008 Budget Prioritise the People: Rini

The 2008 Budget is framed on the clear policy directions stipulated in the Government's Policy Statement and the Translation and Implementation Framework.

Bus Fare Increase Unreasonable

The traveling public in Honiara is urging bus business owners to consider the recent rise in bus fare.

Tourist Damages Rapa Nui Moai

Chilean police are holding a tourist from Finland who was caught damaging one of the famous giant statues of Rapa Nui.

Region to Monitor Fiji's Move towards Elections

A ministerial contact group has been formed to monitor Fiji's moves towards elections following the lack of progress seen so far.

Three-door House for Safety Purpose

Local architecture in the Solomons is unique for its originality with each province presenting its own unique style of housing.

Enterprise Challenge Fund Launch in Solomons

The Enterprise Challenge Fund was officially launched at the Jina's Restaurant, Kukum Highway in the eastern part of Honiara.

Chiefly System in Small Malaita

The chiefly system plays a big part in the local culture of the Solomons, and it varies greatly in a country known for its cultural diversity.

Valued Asset, the Guadalcanal Traditional Bowl

Food bowls are favored display decorations in many homes but for locals in the Solomons, the carved creations have significant traditional values.

Commerce Ministry to Conduct Survey on Goods Prices

The Ministry of Commerce, Industries and Employment will conduct a survey on businesses.

Police Arrest Masked Robber

Police have arrested a 21-year-old male believed to be responsible for the robbery of tourists travelling on a bus at the Jackson Ridge area on Sunday 9 March 2008.

Police Chief's Meet

This morning, Police Commissioner Mohammed Jahir Khan met with his counterpart from the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary, Commissioner Gari Baki, at Police Headquarters to discuss future training arrangements between the two countries.

PPF Black Belt Coaches Local Youth

Mr. Mal Tweedie arrived in the Solomon Islands on the 27th of February to start an eighty week deployment as a RAMSI PPF advisor.

Solomon Host Completes Successful Training

A new local initiative, Solomon Host, has successfully completed a week-long training in Honiara.

Rini Warns of Forest Revenue Decrease

Solomon Islands will start to see a decline of log export revenue as of next year.

Solomons Celebrate World Water Day

The Ministry of Health and Medical Services parade the city to mark "World Water Day" based on the theme: 'Sanitation for a cleaner and healthier Solomon Islands'.

Union Fiji Representative Visits Solomons

A regional representative of the Union based in Fiji has returned to the country after his four days visit to Solomon Islands.

PNG Talent to Perform in Honiara

The popular singing sensation of Papua New Guinea, Anslom Nakikus arrived into the country on Sunday and will have his first performance on Friday at the Water Front Night Club.

Gov't Clamps Down on Tax and Duty Exemptions

The government hopes to reduce tax and duty exemptions by one third to raise $40 million dollars towards the 2008 Budget.

Heathens Among the Christians

Although Solomon Islands is said to be a Christian country, there are people who still live as "heathens".

Palau Tops Tourism in Asia-Pacific

The United Nations' Statistical Yearbook for Asia and the Pacific 2007 has placed Palau as the highest tourism earning country in the Asia-Pacific region in terms of contribution to Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

New Zealand Waives Transit Visas Fee to Pacific Island Nations

Solomon Islanders wishing to transit through New Zealand for less than 24 hours will no longer be required to obtain a transit visa.

Rini Delivers 2008 Budget

The Minister of Finance, Mr. Snyder Rini this morning delivered the 2008 budget in its second reading.

Gov't to Raise Excise on Beer and Tobacco Products

The government is expected to grow the revenue base by raising excise on beer and tobacco products by 20 percent.

No Formal Complaint Received by Police

Police are yet to receive a formal complaint in relation to allegations that a member of the public was mistreated by officers last week at Aruligo Village.

Successful Inter-Secondary Rugby Tournament

A two-day rugby inter-secondary tournament for schools in Honiara has been described as successful.

Man Found Guilty of Selling Counterfeit Cigarettes

The three Chinese men charged with selling counterfeit cigarettes faced their verdict in Honiara.

Mets Service Mandate Ultimate Vision for Safety

The Ministry of Environment, Conservation and Meteorology celebrated the World Meteorological Day in Honiara based on the theme "Observing our planet for a better future".

Making Good Use of Soft Woods in Makira

The parego, or breadfruit tree as known in pijin, was chopped down to make way for a new house at Ganawe village near Kira Kira, the capital of Makira-Ulawa Province.

Beach Party for Easter Celebs

Honiara residents took time out for a beach party to mark the Easter occasion at Guadalcanal's Lela Beach.

Gold and Possibility of Oil in Tonga and Fiji

While mining is set to begin on the Tongan seabed after valuable minerals were discovered there, a discovery on a Fijian village seashore has villagers testing for oil.

North Malaita Welcomes Baptism of Former Militants

The baptism of a former Malaita Eagle Force (MEF) Commander has been described as "the greatest [Easter] gift for the people of North Malaita".

Parliament to Resume Meet

Solomon Islands National Parliament is expected to resume meet today.

Australia's Approach to the Region

Australia's new parliamentary secretary for Pacific Islands Affairs, Duncan Kerr, outlines his country's approach to maintaining its relationships within the region.

USP Facing Student Unrest

There have been reports of unrest in the University of the South Pacific (USP) campus in Suva, Fiji, as a result of issues between student and the Registrar.

Tsunami Detectors Positioned in the Region

Two tsunami detection buoys were positioned in the region earlier this month, completing the U.S tsunami warning network.

Pacific Island States, Facing Unique Development Challenges, Win UN Boost

14 March 2008 - The United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) will strengthen its Pacific Operations Centre as part of its campaign to provide greater support for the region's island nations, which are facing critical development challenges given their size, relative isolation and vulnerability to climate change.

Australia Funds Promotion of Human Rights in Developing Countries

The Australian government has set up a fund to help promote and protect human rights in developing countries, which includes Pacific countries.

KOSSA Wins Final DJ League Match

KOSSA clinched a 4-1 victory against Naha FC in their final game of the Honiara DJ League on Tuesday at Lawson Tama.

Video Targeting Domestic Violence Launched

A new video against domestic violence, co-produced by the Solomon Islands Police Force and RAMSI's Participating Police Force, was screened for the first time during a breakfast hosted by RAMSI and other local sponsors.

Our Telekom and Daltron Signs Agreement to Provide Internet Services

Solomon Telekom Company Ltd Our Telekom has now gone into a strategic partnership with Daltron (Solomon Islands) Limited in providing support for Internet customers initially in Honiara and then throughout the country in the future.

RAMSI Celebrates Solomon Islands Women

The women of Solomon Islands have a crucial role in shaping the country's future RAMSI Special Coordinator, Tim George said today.

Region's Image Marred by Human Rights Abuses

Reports of human rights abuse from around the region has tarnished the region's paradise-like image.

Man Found Dead in a Taxi

Police are making enquiries into the circumstances surrounding the death of a man believed to be in his 50's.

Plans in Place for Honiara Easter Rugby Sevens

An upcoming Secondary Easter 7's challenge will take place this month in Honiara.

ANZ Bank Donates Computer to Honiara Beautification Committee

The ANZ Bank in Honiara hands over a computer set to the Honiara Beautification Committee today.

The Traditional Comb of the Kwaio People

The Kwaio people represent one of the many cultural groups within Malaita Province. Like many other cultures, specific ornaments are still in existence representing a way of life in the past.

Australia Promotes Human Rights in Solomon Islands

The Australian High Commission is pleased to announce its support to the Social Welfare Division, Ministry of Health and Medical Services, to raise awareness of Human Rights in Solomon Islands logging communities.

Police Response Team Deployed to Burns Creek

The Police Response Team (PRT) was deployed to Burns Creek in the early hours of this morning after a group of men armed with bush knives and other weapons broke into the Bulacane factory and commenced a barrage of rock throwing.

Te Vaka Takes the South Pacific to Macau

Well-known New Zealand group, Te Vaka, took the sounds of the region to Chinese-administered Macau.

Youth and Mental Health Issues on the Rise

A report highlighting major mental health related issues, affecting the youth of Solomon Islands, was launched recently by the Under Secretary of the Ministry of Health and Medical services, Mr. George Malefoasi.

Poor Drainage System Contributes to Flooding

Residents living close to drains and rivers are advised to take extra care during heavy down pour.

Traditional State Opening at Parliament House

The State opening at the Parliament house was today led by the people of Guadalcanal Province, who welcomed the Governor General Sir Nathaniel Waena.

Turkey Appoints Sato as New Honorary Consular

The Minister of Foreign Affairs and External Trade, Hon William Haomae, on Friday accepted the credentials of Mr Yoshiuki Sato, Turkey's new Honorary Consular to the Solomon Islands.

MEHRD Pays Student Allowances

The Ministry of Education and Human Resources Development (MEHRD) paid one hundred and eighty-two University of the South Pacific (USP) students, at the Laucala campus, their allowance on Friday.

Refs Fail to Turn Up

It is the second time in as many weeks that referees have failed to turn up to officiate at the soccer league games.

'Miracle Mineral Supplement' Launched by Church Group

Dubbed the 'Miracle Mineral Supplement' or MMS for short, this new supplement promises to kill malaria parasites within two hours, cure cancer, TB and many more of mankind's worse diseases.

Progress in Fisheries Protection for Pacific

New Zealand's Fisheries Minister has said that progress has been made in negotiations to protect the Pacific's fisheries.

ADB Calls for Measures to Enhance Financing on Climate Change

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Asian Development Bank (ADB) Vice-President Ursula Schaefer-Preuss today called for more funding for projects that will reduce the adverse impact of climate change in the Asia-Pacific region.

Police Investigate Fatal Accident

The Police Traffic Centre is investigating the circumstances surrounding a motor vehicle accident which killed two people and left others seriously injured. The accident occurred at 2.00am on Saturday morning.

Police Charge Man With Seven Offences

Tetere Police have arrested and charged a 25-year-old man from Green Valley with seven offences after he entered two houses in the early hours of 15 March 2008.

Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel To Launch New Look

The Solomon Kitano Mendana Hotel has undergone renovations since April 2007, the new look is expected to be completed by the end of March 2008.

Parliament To Build Office Complex For MPs

The Deputy Clerk of the National Parliament, Mrs. Florence Naezon, revealed during a hearing of the Public Accounts Committee that there are plans to build an office complex for Members of Parliament.

Kiribati Boxing Club Outbox Our Boys Again

The touring Kiribati Frigates boxing club completed their tour of the country with another impressive show on Wednesday winning 5 of their 7 bouts.

Triathlon Makes A Splash In 2008

Kakabona Beach, in the Western end of Honiara, will again see a good number of people swimming, cycling and running.

We Need To Do More For Our Women: Rimon

The representative for the Secretariat of the Pacific Community (SPC), Mrs. Mia Rimon, stated that more can be done for the women of Solomon Islands and the region.

West Honiara Residents Gets Support Through RCDF

Few lucky residents of the West Honiara Constituency received financial assistance through the West Honiara Development Program. A program funded through the Rural Constituency Development Fund (RCDF).

Hypocrisy, Says Opposition Group

The Opposition Group in Parliament has described the Coalition for National Unity and Rural Advancement Government as hypocrites for failing to live up to its promises.

Sogavare Questions PM's Statement on Whaling

The Leader of Opposition, Hon. Manasseh Sogavare has questioned whether Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua's rejection to attend the latest International Whaling Commission meeting reflected the decision of his cabinet on commercial whaling.

Two Arrested For Burglary

Detectives from Honiara City, with the support of Forensic Officers, are investigating the circumstances surrounding a burglary incident at a residence at Lengakiki around 3.00am today.

Minister Haomae Hails Japanese Assistance Towards Auki Projects

Minister for Foreign Affairs William Haomae and Japanese Charge'd Affairs Mr Akira Iwanade yesterday signed exchange notes in Honiara as a start towards the construction of a new Market center and a Jetty in the Malaita Provincial Capital, Auki.

Japan's New Charge d' Affairs Welcomed

The Embassy of Japan has appointed a new Charge d' Affairs, replacing Mr. Koichi Kodama. A welcome ceremony was held late last week to welcome Mr. Akira Iwanade, the new Charge d' Affairs of the Japanese Embassy.

The Traditional Drills of Marovo Lagoon

Before electrical drills that are now common in the Solomon Islands today, the stone drill has been widely used in the Western Province, an essential tool to create shell money.

Female Police - An Integral Part Of The Force

The Solomon Islands Police Force will be represented by female officers at tomorrow's International Women's Day parade.

Tourism Bureau GM Wants Domestic Air Service Improved

The General Manager of Solomon Islands Visitors Bureau, Michael Tokuru, wants reliable air services provided on the country's domestic routes.

TriSI Teach First Aid Skills

What would you do if you had to rescue a drowning child at the beach?

Australian PM Congratulates all RAMSI Members

The Australian Prime Minister, Hon Kevin Rudd has congratulated all members of Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI) police, soldiers and civilians for their efforts in rebuilding Solomon Islands.

"Boomerang Aid" Comments Made By Sogavare Dismissed By Hooton

The increase in aid assistance to the Solomon Islands, announced by Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, has been met with skepticism by Opposition Leader Manasseh Sogavare.

Solomon Islands Supports Proposal For Pacific Partnership

The Solomon Islands Prime Minister, Dr. Derek Sikua, has said that his government welcomes a proposal from the Australian government to pursue pacific partnership development agreement with Pacific Island nations.

PM Sikua Secures Fisheries Deal With Taiwan

Solomon Islands and Taiwan will soon engage in a fisheries trade deal secured during Prime Minister Dr Derek Sikua's recent visit to Taiwan.

Solomon Islands Commemorate Commonwealth Day

The commemoration of the 'Commonwealth Day' was held yesterday morning at the Commonwealth Youth Program Center.

Traditional Currency Revived

The long coil of Red Feather Money is a valuable and unique traditional artifact from the Santa Cruz Islands in Temotu Province.

PAC to Deliberate on 2008 Budget

The National Parliament's Public Accounts Committee (PAC) commenced scrutiny of the Government's 2008 Budget Estimates starting today, the 10th of March 2008.

Sofu to Sign Japanese Infrastructure Assistance to Gizo

Minister for Infrastructure Development Stanley Sofu and Japanese Charge'd Affairs Akira Iwanade will jointly sign documents to start a Japanese government funded project to rehabilitate wharves at Gizo, Western Province.

Rudd Talks with Sikua on Ways to Work Together

The Australian Prime Minister on Saturday met with our Prime Minister Derrick Sikua to discuss how our governments can work together to address the significant development challenges facing Solomon Islands.

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