A member of the Parliamentary Opposition has confirmed on the National Radio that the Opposition is planning to move a motion of no confidence against the PM.

The intended mover of the motion and MP for East Are' Are, Edward Huni'ehu, stated that he had already served the Office of Speaker to National Parliament the notice of the motion yesterday.

Huni'ehu said that this would give them ample time to prepare and move the motion in Parliament by Friday next week. Mr Huni'ehu says the Opposition believes it will do a much better job in leading the nation.

Mr Huni'ehu says the objective of the motion is to fulfill parliamentary procedures duly established by the constitution should an MP think that the government is not performing in the best interest of the nation.

Mr Huni'ehu says that the Opposition believes the present Sogavare government is leading the country backwards on many issues. He says it does not matter whether or not the Opposition has the numbers, what is important is that MPs use their constitutional right to speak and to vote on the motion.

Mr Huni'ehu says they will be arguing the facts in parliament as to why the country needs a change of leadership. He says they believe the behavior of the present government is dictatorial which is not good for the country.