The Attorney General, Julian Moti, told civil society to stop wasting any more dollars on keeping him from doing what he is supposed to do.

Moti made the statement during the swearing-in ceremony at the Government House yesterday. In his statement, directed at those that tried to prevent him from taking office, he told them to leave him alone and stop wasting any more dollars in campaigning against him.

"Let me at least earn my keep and live with the dignity to which I am constitutionally entitled."

He instead promised to ordinary Solomon Islanders the revelation of those who are ultimately responsible for the decision to suspend him without pay.

But Julian Moti's attack on the civil society to keep quiet and not to spend any more dollars on trying to keep him out has received a strong opposition from the civil society members. The President of the National Council of Women said that the women of this country will not keep quiet.

"We will not keep quiet. We will make more noise and who is he to tell us to stop. We are going to this seminar in which we the civil society had invited the PM to come but again he refused. After this Seminar we may decide what action to take. There is a possibility of a protest march."

The President of the Solomon Islands Public Employees Union, Tony Kagovai, in response to the statement, told Moti that the fight has just began and he warned Moti that his days are numbered considering the election results in PNG. "For someone who's being accused of child molestation to tell us true citizens of this nation to shut is a shameful thing."

The General Secretary of SICA, Philemon Riti, was not impressed with Moti's statement and he told Moti that he has no right to tell them to stop. "We are the citizen of this nation and we have all the right to do what is right for this nation."

The General Secretary of Development Services Exchange, Tony Wale, reacted the same way and reminds Moti that this is our country. "We work for people and not individuals."