Members of Parliament from Guadalcanal, currently in the current Sogavare led coalition, have brushed aside the ultimatum issued by Guadalcanal leaders during a forum held last week.

A resolution was reached amongst Guadalcanal leaders giving the government one clear ultimatum, meet our demands or loose support from Guadalcanal MPs. Among the demands are the removal of Julian Moti as Attorney General and Jahir Khan as Police Commissioner.

The Guadalcanal leaders also gave the government 14 clear days to respond to their request. The Guadalcanal leaders stated that if government fails then Guadalcanal MP's will cross the floor in the next Parliament seating to remove the Prime Minister.

However, MP for East Central Guadalcanal, Nollen Leni, revealed to the SIBC that Guadalcanal MP's currently in the government disagree with the ultimatum.

Mr Leni says the threat that Guadalcanal MP's will support the motion of no confidence against the Prime Minister, which is expected to be tabled in the next Parliament seating, is false.

Leni stated that during the same meeting, it was agreed that Guadalcanal Cabinet Ministers should resign to which the Ministers refused.

The latest revelation has cast doubt on the solidarity of Guadalcanal leaders and their political representative on the recent 14 days notice to government.

The Government has always been confident that it still has the numbers to defeat the up coming motion of no confidence.