Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has made it clear that he has no intentions of retaliating to Australia's decision to ban Ministers of his government to travel to Australia.

It is understood that Canberra decided to impose the ban in response to the swearing-in of Julian Moti for the Attorney General post Tuesday last week.

Certain media reports have stated that the Prime Minister may consider banning Australian ministers and parliamentarians from visiting Solomon Islands in retaliation to the latest move by Australia.

A press release from the Prime Ministers Office stated that, "Prime Minister Sogavare said the Solomon Islands government was too civilized and mature to resort to any such naïve retaliatory action".

Sogavare also stated that he had made it clear to the Australian government that if it was concerned about Moti's induction, it should look at the facts surrounding his (Moti's) suspension.

Mr Sogavare said it was a cowardly move by Canberra to use other means, such as the travel ban, to put pressure on the Solomon Islands government over the installation of Moti as Attorney General.