The Premier of the Western Province, Alex Lokopio, has said that his province is still disappointed over the appointment of Julian Moti as Attorney General.

Speaking from to the SIBC's Talking Truth programme over the weekend, Mr Lokopio says Moti's landing at Munda last year without the knowledge of his provincial government and people, speaks very poorly of Moti and whoever else that backed the move. He says that this was a total disregard for the provincial government and people of the Western Province.

Lokopio also stated that last year, at least seven provincial premiers met with Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare warning him that the appointment of Julian Moti would be unpopular unless the right steps are taken to clear his name.

Lokopio said that it came as a huge surprise to him that after the PM assured the provincial premiers that their views will form the basis of any decision on Moti, the government went ahead and appointed Moti as Attorney General.

Lokopio said that Western Province will continue to raise its disapproval of the current Attorney General as the circumstances surrounding his subsequent appointment are still vague with a lot of questions needing answers.