Members of the legal fraternity believe that Mr. Ranjit's reported sacking and the raid on his office last week are connected to the suspended Attorney General Julian Moti.

Several Honiara lawyers believe the Prime Minister and Moti may be worried about a possible disciplinary case currently before the Judicial and Legal Services Commission against Moti.

The case is over complaints directed to the Judicial and Legal Services Commission to the effect that Moti has been performing work for the Government despite the fact that he is still under suspension.

According to reliable sources the Judicial and Legal Services Commission, whose Chairman is the Chief Justice, Sir Albert Palmer, has set up a committee to investigate the complaints against Moti.

The source revealed that there are serious implications if the case is brought before the Judicial and Legal Services Commission. If the Judicial and Legal Services Commission find that there are grounds to take disciplinary actions against Moti, say on possible misconduct, possible actions would include the possibility of revoking Moti's license to do legal practice in Solomon Islands. This in theory would make it impossible for Moti to be appointed Attorney General of Solomon Islands, according to our sources.

Also, it is believed that the Prime Minister is not happy with the action taken by the Public Service Commission not to lift the suspension against Moti. The Government has initiated a case to the High Court to challenge the Commission and it has taken a long time to be heard.

The High Court has however explained that it is awaiting the decision by the Solomon Islands Court of Appeal on the legal challenge by former Attorney General Primo Afeau over his removal as Attorney General before making any ruling.
The High Court has also explained that the reason why it is necessary for it to wait for the Court of Appeal's decision on the Afeau case is because the legal issues involved are very similar to those of the Government's challenge against the Commission's decision not to reinstate Moti.