Foreign Affairs Minister, Patterson Oti, has reiterated the government's desire for RAMSI to co-operate with the government in the implementation of its policies and priorities.

Mr Oti raised these sentiments during the 4th anniversary celebration of the Australian-led Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands (RAMSI).

While congratulating and acknowledging the significant contribution of the mission over the past four years, Mr Oti reiterated the government's desire for RAMSI to harmonise its work programme with the ruling government's policies and priorities. Mr Oti said this was necessary in order to address some of the underlying issues that led to the RAMSI intervention in 2003.

Oti said that it was only through such partnership that RAMSI, and others involved in the rebuilding of Solomon Islands, can achieve long term sustainability of this regional initiative.

Mr Oti also stressed the importance of maintaining the regional character of RAMSI. He said he was pleased to note of the appointment of the Pacific Islands Forum's permanent representative in Honiara as well as the Solomon Islands government appointment of a special envoy to RAMSI.

Mr Oti highlighted the fact that it is import to build the capacity of Solomon Islanders in preparation of an eventual departure of RAMSI.