Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare has released a press statement confirming that he has sued the Solomon Star for an article published in the daily paper's letters to the editor.

The article, authored by a Mr Iro, alleged that the Prime Ministers promised $20,000 to a person named Medley Kwalemanu influenced the outcome of the Prime Ministerial elections.

The letter also alleges that Mr Sogavare's win was largely due to the fact that members of parliament were petrified over the riots after the outcome of the first round of elections in which Snyder Rini was voted Prime Minister.

Mr Sogavare has condemned the allegations describing them as nothing short of a defamatory article aimed at discrediting him.

"This is irresponsible publication on the part of the country's leading newspaper. The publisher and editor of the newspaper have failed in their professional obligation to reject an article that carries unproven allegations" said Sogavare.

In his press statement Mr Sogavare stated that "The article 'Fono and $50,000' has no other objective than to discredit me." Sogavare want on to say that the article was nothing short of criminal defamation which the Star is a party to.