Upholding the laws of Solomon Islands is a commitment by the government for the country, Prime Minister Manasseh Sogavare said in his speech at the country's 29th independence anniversary.

He said while some decisions and actions of his government may appear controversial, they were done within the country's laws.

Mr. Sogavare said his government is responsible to protect the sovereignty and independence of the country, even when it needed to compromise to accommodate a foreign intervention.

He said while at times his government disagreed with the Regional Assistance Mission to Solomon Islands on important national issues, RAMSI deserves the country's unreserved commendation for bringing peace and stability, allowing government to implement its policies.

Mr. Sogavare assured the people "that government will allow nothing that will undermine the safety and security of its people in its dealings with RAMSI," describing the odds on important national issues as a sign of healthy relationship premised on the principal of partnership.