Newly appointed Attorney General of Solomon Islands, Julian Moti QC CSI, stated that those responsible for the ordeal he had gone through will be made known in due course.

Mr. Moti made the statement during his speech yesterday before the Governor General of Solomon Islands, Sir Nathaniel Waena, more than 10 months after he was initially appointed to take up the post in September 2006.

"Justice will prevail there to exonerate me once again from the sins which others committed to postpone what was finally allowed to occur today," Mr. Moti said during the ceremony, which was also attended by the Prime Minister, Hon Manasseh Sogavare and his Minister of the Crown.

"Justice will finally triumph as well when the responsible Australian prosecutorial authorities confront our Government's lawyers to discuss what fact was and what was fiction in the case which they want to mount against me," he said.

"The presumption of innocence is what I am entitled to enjoy under our onstitutional bill of rights and you do not need a verdict of 'not guilty' to prove I am 'innocent' when I am legally advised that there is no legal justification for the institution of any charges against me on the evidentiary material supporting Australia's request for my extradition," said Moti.

Regarding the Vanuatu case, Mr. Moti said he has already furnished all the details of the case to those who have been briefed to advise the Solomon Islands Government on his extradition request and leave them to discharge their legal responsibilities without his interference.

"I know enough about my ethical obligations to excuse myself from any involvement in that matter," he said.

Mr. Moti, who now calls the Solomon Islands his home, said he has no plans to leave the country.