The Solomon Islands Deputy Solicitor General, Francis Waleanisia, has resigned in protest to government's unwavering push in installing Moti as Attorney General.

The Deputy Solicitor General is the latest to leave because of the Moti affair. The long list of removals and resignations now include the former Attorney General, Mr. Primo Afeau, former Commissioner of Police, Shane Castle, former Legal draftsman, Ranjit Hewegama, and now the Deputy Solicitor General, Francis Waleanisia.

Mr. Waleanisia tendered his resignation as he was not happy with the decision to include him in the investigations ordered by the Prime Minister into the suspension of Julian Moti as Attorney General. He said although his name or his computer was not included in the search warrant, the Police entered his office and removed his computer from his office.

"I was not under investigation or being warned for anything. I am of the view that the investigations were intended merely to remove people from the office to allow for Julian to walk in hence I just can't get myself to work with him. And in hindsight, I am correct. Look at the timing of the swearing in.

"The PM can argue all he likes that this is an Australian politically motivated case but the fact remains that Julian Moti absconded bail in PNG, participated in coercing a military plane to fly into our airspace without going through the proper channels."

"This has put the lives of our people at risk, colluding with the pilot and God knows who else in landing the plane in a domesticated airstrip thus putting the lives of our people nearby at risk and still attempting to evade facing charges in his home country," said Mr. Waleanisia.

Francis Waleanisia went on to say that that the last thing the people of this country need is to have a principal legal advisor that has charges hanging over his head.