The Parliamentary Opposition says the Governor General has been ill-advised and thus belittling his status and that of the Government House.

Opposition leader, Fred Fono, says the recent High Court ruling in favor of applicant, Joe Poraiwai, for the Ombudsman post proved that the Acting Attorney General, Nuatali Tongarutu, had ill-advised Sir Nathaniel.

In his recent ruling, High Court Judge Justice John Brown, said the Governor General does not have the discretionary power to refuse or ignore the advice of the Committee appointed to select an Ombudsman.

Mr Fono went on to say that the outgoing Acting Attorney General has been giving wrong advice to the Governor General on a number of important Constitutional appointments including the recent appointment of Jahir Khan as the new Commissioner of Police and that of Australian lawyer, Julian Moti, as the new Attorney General.

Meanwhile, opposition leader Fono says the Parliamentary Opposition group welcomes the decision taken by the Public Service commission to challenge the appointment of Mr Moti as Attorney General.

Mr Fono says the Opposition remains baffled with the lifting of Mr Moti's suspension of his appointment by the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Service as he does not have the power to do so.

Mr Fono maintains that only the Public Service Commission has power to appoint and discipline officers from Level 13 and above, not the Permanent Secretary.