Public dental health service in Honiara has been scaled down.

At this time of COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions are now in place to minimize number of patients seen daily.

Head of dental department of Honiara City Council (HCC) Health Division, Dr Francis Fono said services for dental health has to be scaled down because of the coronavirus.

"As we are all aware of the situation the country currently faces at the moment, I want to inform Honiara citizens that Mataniko dental clinic, which operates under the Honiara City Council, will expect to scale down its services to dental patients."

Dr Fono says for the time being, Mataniko dental clinic will only be serving patients with emergency cases. Normal dental services are suspended.

"As such we will be only treating patients with severe toothache which causes loss of sleep, swelling of the face, neck or mouth, dental trauma and uncontrolled bleeding after tooth extractions."

Fono adds the clinic will no longer carryout normal services like tooth fillings, false teeth provision, extraction of non- painful tooth or tooth root.

"Currently all dental patients will be required to fill and sign a questionnaire with our dental officers who are just outside the clinic, that will determine which patient can get treatment," Dr Fono says.

Dr Fono further added since the dental clinic has been scaling down some of its normal services they encouraged every one to practice personal hygiene.

"Wash hands as well as brush teeth often to avoid problems", he said.

He encourage the general public to also practice good oral health care.