The Democratic Coalition Government for Advancement (DCGA) Caucus is making a call to the Member of Parliament for East Are’are Hon. Peter Kenilorea Jnr, to kindly cease from his ongoing lobbying of MPs from the Government side to support a leadership change.

The Government Caucus wishes to clarify the fact that the solidarity of the current government remains rock solid and no amount of enticements or propaganda will deter their resolve to ensure national unity is maintained and most especially in the fight to defend our country from Covid19 and economic depression.

"Hon Kenilorea Jnr must take into serious consideration that Caucus MPs and Cabinet Ministers have grown weary of the constant calls and messages.

"It seems Hon Kenilorea Jnr has been trying to provoke political instability by proposing a leadership change.

"The first term Member of Parliament needs to understand that the development aspirations of the people of this country have always been disadvantaged due to instability and leaders and citizens of this nation are sick and tired of going through another period of instability. Our people deserve more than political rhetoric and self-serving agendas that is not in our national best interests," a statement from the Caucus reads.

"The MP for East Are’are must be informed that leaders and responsible citizens of this nation are moving forward together for the betterment of this country and its people.

"If there is a time in the history of Solomon Islands that requires all levels of our society to unite and work together for the good of this nation and its citizens, that time is now.

"During such an unprecedented period with the threat of a global pandemic, it is not the time for petty politics and social disunity, which is what the Hon MP for East Are’are is inciting.

"Parliament is the institution where any such intentions can be tabled and debated at the appropriate time but not while the DCGA is working tirelessly to safeguard our country and people from a global pandemic, while also doing everything in its power to sustain the economy in the face of a global depression."

The statements says the MP for East Are’are can be more relevant as a national leader by supporting our combined efforts with constructive contributions rather than threating the peace and stability of our society for the sake of a narrow-minded political agenda.

The DCGA is fully committed to the delivery of its policies in the best interest of national peace, progress and economic empowerment.

Source: OPMC Press Release