The Leader of Opposition Hon. Matthew Wale applauds the government for backing down on plans to suspend the Malaita Provincial executive.

The statement was issued after it was reported that the Ministry of Provincial Government and Institutional Strengthening reconciled in a ceremony held in Honiara recently.

“I applaud the responsible Minister for taking the initiative to resolve the matter quickly. While the outcome was achieved in a round-about way, it does put to rest a lot of public concerns surrounding the decision taken by the government.

“As said earlier, it is important that all our provincial executives are positively engaged in all our Covid-19 preparedness plans and Malaita being one of the closest provinces to Honiara, must be fully engaged.

“The country must be united in our plans against the Covid-19 pandemic and allowing politics or external pressure to stand in the way is not going to help anyone.

“I further caution the government to refrain from making such threats in the near future, not only to Malaita executive, but to all our other provincial executives,” the Opposition Leader says.

Hon. Wale stressed and reminded that any policy decisions taken by any provincial executive which is representative of the views of their people, must always be respected.

Source: Opposition Press