Letters to the Editor Archive February 2012

Honiara Town Image

I am commenting on Martin Oto's post which relates to Honiara Town's image. I agree with him that Honiara's image in particular the CBD area is pathetic. But it is no surprise as its just a reflection...

Death of Sir Baddeley Devesi

Dear Editor, My wife Christine and I are very sad to learn of the death of Sir Baddeley Devesi, Solomon Islands first Governor General, who I was proud to serve under as Commissioner of the Royal Solomon...

Being Poor in SI

Solomon people are only poor as far as SIG Treasury and personal cash money is concerned. Those people with paid jobs should begin to see the real problem. You SI people are rich in real values of life...

Solomon's Tourism - Anuha?

Dear Sir, Firstly of interest perhaps I note in today's news that Air Australia, a re-birthed version of Strategic Airlines has gone into administration. Further, I recall from your news article of 27...

Logging in Makira

I wish to respond to Mr.Takoraha I nao, that I did not intend to challenge him in any way, however, I was trying to urge Makira People to be responsible and have respect for their environment, in which...

Ban of Betel nut sell on streets in Honiara

That is the appropriate action to do by HTC. There are laws prohibiting selling of betel nuts including commercial businesses without licenses. It is time HTC act on it. The excuses made by the vendors...

Logging in Makira

Dear Editor, I am from the Bauro area of Makira Ulawa Province, and having been for sometime wanting to voice concern on the logging activities in Makira. This piece from ANGISITORO M (letter to editor)...

Our Concerns

Dear Editor After three weeks in Honiara I observed few things which I want to highlight through this medium for our leaders to take serious action in correcting them if they are still sleeping on the...

NG Party

Dear Editor It was delightful to read something that i always had in mind. Mr. Nori i think it is a right timing. I congratulate you for the Party you are engineering. If leaders can't see the importance...

Logging in Makira province

Thanks Takorala for a well written invaluable pieces of information that I'm sure not only affecting the said province but all other provinces. Please responsible authorities take heed of what was described....

Being Poor in Solomon Islands

I must first of all commend those who have contributed in one way or the other in contributing to this very issue in the media, and verbally in the streets as well as those who voluntarily given their...

Logging in Makira

I wish to thank others who shared on this issue over the media. I have learnt that often we complain when we see the egg breaks. When we actually see what happened, something that we should have prevented...

Selling Betelnut Banned

It is interesting to note that selling of betel-nuts in Honiara Street is banned. Hope that this will work as law enforcement officers are struggling to stop these vendors especially in the hearts of Honiara...

Solutions to ongoing Industrial Disputes

Dear Editor To the outside observer reading of the spate of recent incidents involving land disputes and industrial action by workers, coupled with incidences of criminality and threats of violence at...

Logging in Makira Province

Dear Editor, I would be grateful if you could publish my thoughts and observations on the unregulated practices associated with logging in Makira Province. It is fast being the biggest issue dominating...

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