Letters to the Editor Archive December 2021

Vaccinated still get Delta or Omicon Viruses

Thank you Janet Butler for your words of encouragement, embracing, love and kindness. We the vaccinated are downhearted simply because we could still get Delta or Omicon viruses as stated. All we could...

Delta and Omicron covid-19 variants, probably detected in SI

I felt sorry for SI, but only time will tell as our Oversight committee continue to allow Overseas flight into the country. This is the only way Coronavirus will enter and pose the Community transmission....

Chinese police help?

Hi, I want to say we cannot serve two masters. Australia, NZ, Fiji and PNG help us restrain the rioters. Now, after the violence has subsided, the Chinese offer help. Can you imagine Aussie, NZ, Fiji...

Adressing corruption or adopting a new system of government

Many suppose it is time to ascertain a government structure that is new, appropriate and can be able to spur economic development and to help squash out poverty in the country. I heard Leaders and the...

Where to now?

Hello, So where are we going to go now? Look like the NZ army has going back to their country, and look like soon maybe the other army will also return to their country. So where to now? What are we...

Clarification on AIM Global

Good morning Sir/madam My name is coach Carl,I am one of the coach here in Solomon,just to make it clear about the message attached here,number one we don’t have capital starting $300 to $3000. Number...

Bribery in Parliament

I watch the debate in parliament and I feel sad because an MP said very plain and clear that corruption is real and MPs face it everyday. And than I also read that many MP in the government side got a...

Happy Isles turns into Unhappy Isles

It's sad that we allow the recent unrest to destroy our Capital Honiara. We are turning back the clock instead of going forward. We are reaping the consequences of what had been sown. The happy isles...

Searching for answers from the Bible

In a nation ready to blow up with riots, burning, looting, and killing, what does the Bible say about dealing with racial discrimination, narrow-mindedness, and violence? No Reason for Racism When it...


I am a gole ni lauru But that doesn’t mean I am a lesser human I have dark skin but that doesn’t make us enemies We are a family Let’s not fight over the sins of our elders We all have our issues lets...

Love and help our neighbours

Many Christians talk about the importance of loving God and loving others, and rightly so. Jesus declared these to be the greatest commandments (Mark 12:28–34; see Deuteronomy 6:4–5 and Leviticus 19:18)....

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