I am commenting on Martin Oto's post which relates to Honiara Town's image.

I agree with him that Honiara's image in particular the CBD area is pathetic. But it is no surprise as its just a reflection of the incompetent authority which oversees the place.

What else can we expect from a lot who have never been exposed or have a vision for what the place should look like? If they really do want to improve things they would strictly enforce bye-laws and enact new ones. Just by doing this could radically change the town's image particularly the CBD.

The area outside the casino where people sell food and betelnut during nighttime time for example is really disgusting and should never be allowed for such activities. The whole place including the casino should be demolished as they could be a breeding ground for some kind of terrible epidemic in the future (not a joke).

Until we have exposed people with a vision and desire for something good for us citizens of Honiara, the town itself will continue to look like a medieval settlement and a big embarrassment for us all in the region and throughout the world.