Letters to the Editor Archive March 2020

NPF Financial Assistance

All members should be eligible to withdraw some amount of their funds. To be precise people need to have finance so that they can stay home when there is lockdown. In addition if the lockdown takes more...

BRED Bank the Best

When all the other banks were quietly hoping that they do not have to act on COVID 19 related business and personal losses BRED Bank showed the way! Thank you! They came out with a very clear and concise...

Prepare for lock down

Dear editor, I think lock down is our only option. Going back to our island is good to control any potential spread if we are unlucky. My only concern is those of us that return home. What will happen...


Dear Editor, It is interested to read an article written by Duncan T.Ngiumoana published by Solomon star on March 27th 2020 .What the author was saying should be seriously considered by the national...

Talk about economic impact of coronavirus

Dear editor, While the health impact of coronavirus is very clear, we should also focus on the economic impact. In my view the economic impact will hit us first before any virus. The economic impact...

HCC Abuse of power-Closure of markets

So where do people buy food? Central market? So will not there be a greater concentration of people in a smaller area when all the localised markets are closed..... Great logic HCC.... you are just using...

Hot weather and COVID 19

I see the article try to make us all prepare for the COVID 19. Not a bad thing to do because sometimes we are very careless, and I see that in my city. So many news on the street, a lot of it gossip or...

CORONA and the Walking Dead

Thanks for the coverage on CORONA, to be honest the way I see it is this is like the Walking Dead. Just watch the whole season, that's how you isolate. So I am taking my cue from the TV series and doing...

Words of appreciation

That was a pleasant result....thank you very much the front line organisation who gave most of their time in dealing this very serious issue concerning virus...keep work hard and update us for the final...

Close oversea flight

Government should stop all over sea flights even if it is hard or affect other aspect or service, please prevent people of Solomon from corona virus. Other country doing it so we should consider it. Maybe...

Are we ready for coronavirus?

Hello wantoks, A few weeks ago we saw on TV here in Australia the outbreak of coronavirus in China, not too long ago we had confirmed cases here in Australia. We are getting all sorts of advise and support...

Solomon Islands in Battlefield 5

Hello, I like to know how the Solomon Islands in Battlefield compare to its Real-life counter part. Such as which island the game is taking place on and the historical battles themselves. Thanks!

Analysing the article

In the article you talk about the economic cost of the coronavirus, can anyone explain the linkages between the article and the relevant microeconomic theory. Maybe someone can explain the content of...

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