Letters to the Editor Archive August 2022

Debate of election delay

I want to know when we will know the final day of the elections. I want MPs to really explain to public in Parliament why they are for against the extension so public will know what they thinking and they...

Fair pay for Solomon Islanders

Dear Editor, I work hard every day so I can earn a good living and I do whatever work that will help my family and my community. But I saw something worrying today and I had to write so more people know...

San Cristobal Culture

At age 90 years, my memory is failing. After 19 years in SI (1960 - 1979) I can not remember the name of the Makira Spirit Creature. Can somebody help me, please?


It appears the prime minister of the Solomon Islands and his government will do anything to stay in power. Corruption, taking away the independence of the national broadcaster, lying to the people of...

Deferment of election to 2023

I think deferment was just right. I must say that most youths in Honiara want to see SP games happen. If it is constitutional as Albert Kabui was repeatedly and clearly saying, what is the opposition leader...

Central coast to semi-finals

Hello, I want to congratulate Central Coast FC for their big win today and making it into the semi-final of the OFC club champions cup. I am really impress with watching the way they playing today, the...

Extension of Parliament

Hi So the Prime Minister promise to consult before any decision on the extend of Parliament. But looks like they already decide because Opposition Leader Mathew Wale is already told everyone that the...

Women's soccer team

I just want to say congratulations to the women soccer team who got the bronze in the OFC competition. Too many story about politics and we forget to highlight our women and how they reach third place...

Corrupt PM and MP's bribed by China

Here are my two Twitter Posts. I was right about the corruption in the Solomons Government and had previously advised the Australian Government to expose them. 4 Corners TV Program has done that. The people...

Government corruption and Chinese coercion

Dear Editor As you will appreciate, we in Australia watch with concern the growing influence that the Chinese CCP has in the Soloman's. Recent news on the ABC in Australia reveals evidence of very large...

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