I wish to thank others who shared on this issue over the media.
I have learnt that often we complain when we see the egg breaks. When we actually see what happened, something that we should have prevented if we make thorough analysis of the proposals (in this case logging).

I remember once when I went home for my holiday when I met a logging licensee who came with his surveyors, to conduct survey on the site he was trying to lure people to sign for him.

I am not a Land owner, however, I benefit from all the benefits the environment offers me. The air, Water, shelter, just to name a few.

When I met them I asked them just one simple question. Now you are going around with your paper, so that Land owners could sign up their lands. Have you done the Environmental Impact Assessment of these areas??? He answered: " NO", I turned around and tell everybody who were there to sign, that your signature will destroy all these streams we drink water from, pollute the air we breath and destroys our land for gardening. Please think before you dig your own graves. Some who already signed turned to me and ask me to request Independent EIA group, and stop the logging from their land. Other yet to sign just walk off, and my man just return with his empty paper. Better to Educate Our Own People than waiting for the Government to do it for us. We are the most affected, not the Government.