Letters to the Editor Archive August 2012

Conflict of Interest

It is quite disheartening to read about Mr Hou's reply to Mr Housanau's concerns regarding the $248,000 hand-out to his wife's business. In his response, Mr Hou argued that Mr Housanau is just another...

Tourism Fund Fears

I noted very little wisdom in the re-channeling of these funds to our MPs. None at all. Heaven and earth knows the discriminatroy tactics employed by our so-called leaders when money and power matters...

Mixed reaction to election of new lady MP?

I find the media statement by Dr Pollard on the recent election of new North Malaita MP, Hon Vika Lusibaea quite amusing. The irony of the learned lady's statement is that it is always the endeavor of...

Service Delivery System

Dear Editor, I would like to think that there is no one system, which we can say, is better than the other. The fact is, systems are designed by humans for humans to abid to and make work what it requires...

Mr. Onika and James Mate

Every constituents have their very right under the constitution to question their respective Members of Parliament about issues of their concern. In this regard, I can see where Martin Matea is coming...

Mr. Onika and James Mate

First, let me thank James Mate for his response to my article. It demonstrates that my article is being noticed and for that I am grateful. Second, let me remind Mr. so called James that I have all the...

Ma'asina Forum

Can someone please clarify who exactly is the Malaita Ma'asina Forum ? What are their qualifications ? Who elects them? Who funds them? What is their exact purpose. ...

Mr. Onika and Martin Matea

Mr. Matea, what do you voters for Hon. Onika expect from a cook elected to represent you in parliament? Blame yourselves, not Hon.Onika. You all will just have to wait until 2014 to choose a good person...

Police Investigate foreign Preacher

Dear Sir, It's heartening to know Nela Mosese is actively pursuing this matter as he and other police officers should. But I wonder what about his own case for allegedly discharging a firearm in front...

Students & Allowances

Now that our students studying in Fiji have received their allowances, it is time to remind them to use their money wisely. I for one have witnessed on many occasions that when the allowances hit the...

Mr. Joseph Onika, WHERE ARE YOU?

Dear Editor, We demand the MP for East Central Guadalcanal Mr Joseph Onika to inform and update his good constituents about his visions and plans and what he has been doing until now as far as governance...

"Breadfruit" Incidents an Embarrasement?

I wish to make comment on the above subject as mentioned by our country's Opposition Leader Dr Derek Sikua. While I appreciate his comments, I must tell him that when he was Permanent Secretary, for...

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