Dear Editor,

I would be grateful if you could publish my thoughts and observations on the unregulated practices associated with logging in Makira Province.

It is fast being the biggest issue dominating family, tribal disputes and neighbor problems in the Makira Province. Most criminal offenses and civil law suits out of Makira have been in one way or another directly or somewhat connected to unregulated occurrences or lack of proactive response from relevant authorities including Forestry Department, Lands and RSIP (Police) regarding logging.

It is observed that all logging code of practice rules and clear terms and conditions of license/licensee and agreements between landowners and logging companies have been breached in every way possible. You just have to look at the rivers/streams; affecting downstream communities' livelihood and basic needs, the heavy felling of logs within streams and rivers, the large stocks of under size logs at all log ponds, logging on lands without consent and sadly the occurrence of logging right beside communities.

This is a direct call to the Prime Minister, Cabinet members, Members of parliament for Makira, Ministry of Forestry and associated departments; that people in Makira are really suffering on a scale that in years to come will surely put development progress on a backward par with other Provinces. There needs to be immediate attention and proper regulation from concerned staff/authorities responsible for logging practice.

Regular and professionally conducted supervision and observation including; application of penalties where breaches have occurred needs attention by forestry, lands and the Government of the day. Importantly avenues with clear and fair representation for Solomon Islanders affected by unregulated logging on their lands also needs representation or an office to assist with concerns and matters relating to law.

I guess the political upheaval of the past year is obviously over shadowing the basic occurrence of daily life issues of ordinary Solomon Islanders.

Need some answers please?

Takoraha Inao
West Bauro