I must first of all commend those who have contributed in one way or the other in contributing to this very issue in the media, and verbally in the streets as well as those who voluntarily given their time and money to support the people who are searching for money or begging for food for their living in Honiara.

I have always thought that Solomon Islands is still too far from reaching the state of begging for money and living on expired food at the dumping site in Ranadi.
I must say that some Solomon Islands people have forced themselves into these situations. Honiara is not our home, it is supposed to be for people who have employment and can afford their own living in Honiara. If we have no jobs, or cannot support ourselves in Honiara, our home is waiting for our return.

I remember way back in 2005 or 6, an Australian family had paid repatriation, food and hardware materials for some people living in the Ranadi area to go home and provided them with enough food for about 6 months. These people did go home, however, they sold what was given to them and return to the dump site. Any solutions, how we deal with such people???. I remember some church groups have been helping such people, with food and clothes just to name a few. I appreciated that. But I must pause to ask this question: "Is that going a solution to their problem?

I think there must be solutions and I join Mr. Hussen R to ask Solomon Islands people to work together to find a lasting solution to that, if not it will become a major problem for us in the future. I ask those student who are doing studies (researches on Geography subjects) to conduct their survey there (Ranadi dumping site) to identify their problems. Carecare, ota but less for man askem ota question too ia. Any way, I must say that "Time Root blo hem no strong yet..umi pulum na..gogo hem garem staka fruit and ota grow moa..hem hard naia ota wantok.