Letters to the Editor Archive September 2012

Cartoon a Mockery

Dear Editor Solomon Islanders are loving people who have the sense of respect for cultures not their own. What Solomon Islanders and its Government stood up for, Solomon Islands pride and Sovereignty...

Cook Island design worn by Prince William and Princess Kate

Dear Editor, I have been living in the Solomon Islands for 2years, and watching this Royal visit was something that I really wish I was still there to witness. I believe the people of Solomon Islands...

Funding Solomon's Socially Disadvantaged

The Editor Solomon Times On Line Sir Prime Minister Lilo has explained that taking his wife, his executive secretary, plus other political appointees, totalling 16 in all, to the United Nations General...

Maintaining support is the root of the problem.

Dear Editor, I would like to clarify my intentions on with the topic by which I have personally brought my frustration over government spending on unnecessary trips overseas that was raised by the public....

Gaining Parliametary support does not mean you can overlook the public's growing concerns Honorable Prime Minister!!!

Dear Editor, The Prime Minister Gordon Darcy Lilo has insisted on leading a 16-member delegation to the United Nations General Assembly in New York next month. I would like to specifically address the...

Conflict of Interest

Kerazama is quite right to raise the point that when it comes to disbursing public funds, issues of conflict of interest are important and relevant. We can only wish members of our Parliament truly...

Tourism Fund Award

Editor, Thank you for providing the platform to express my opinion on this issue. When submitting application for funding, the applications had to fulfil certain criteria which are assessed based on...

Tourism Fund

After writing an article on Service Delivery in the country, the issue of Tourism Fund came up. All that is happening comes back to the question of whether we have true genuine leaders in the current...

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