Letters to the Editor Archive November 2020

Why ban Facebook?

Hi, We just lost another way of communicate. The banning of Facebook can cut out communication with love ones from far and near, throughout the world. This is the only App many are now familiarize with...

Facebook ban

If you ban Facebook, is it the end of treacherous, criticisms, lusts or sin in general? In Solomon Islands, is this the government no human will change or replaced? As prominent leaders, you must patient...

Congrats Malaita Kwikwi beach soccer

Hello, It proves that the harder you WORK, the harder it is to SURRENDER, A CHAMPION is simply someone who did NOT give up when they wanted to. Therefore congratulations to you boys from Malaita for...

Solomon Islands are not of the oppressive world but freedom of choice

The right to freedom of expression includes the right to be critical of a government and its policies. It may only be limited to the extent that is necessary and proportionate, for a legitimate aim under...

Taking Seriously the FB Ban into Action

It is a huge loss for thousands of FB user in Solomon Islands once the national ban was put into action. As agreed upon by head of countries, putting into action is the big question. What approach will...

Facebook should be banned

Hello, Facebook should be banned because nowadays even under 18 kids join Facebook and they don't focus more on their schooling but always focus on Facebook. They can also make group chart which they'll...

Facebook Ban not a Solution

We need to be very careful about dealing with certain things regarding this time where the world technology is changing every 6 months. Today it's Facebook next year probably TikTok. But hey think again...

Facebook: lesson or threat?

Modern communication technologies provided a significant leap forward. Yes, as we've already known Facebook is one the main online tool that keeps connected to the world. Freedom of speech and access...

Countries that ban facebook

You forgot Syria. Syria also banned Facebook. So next time someone search on Google which country ban Facebook the list will look like this. 1) China 2) North Korea 3) Iran 4) Syria 5) Solomon Islands...

Ban Facebook?

There is an old saying, "If you can't stand the heat, get out of the kitchen," meaning blo hem olsem noma, "if kitchen hem hot, you go out na!" In this case, looks like the saying should be "if you can't...

Facebook ban

Wow! This is something I never thought would happen. Maybe block some of the groups, or take their moderators to task, or ask them to moderate properly. But an outright ban! This is censorship and very...

Stimulus list of beneficiaries

Thank you to those that leaked the stimulus list to the public. It is public money so public has the right to know. I look at the list of businesses that receive and some of them are well known businesses...

Economic stimulus support (ESP)

Editor, ESP is not a suitable undertaking for a small country like Solomon Islands. Just when the country need the money to sustainability and for the preparedness and the on-going fight against the...

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