Letters to the Editor Archive August 2020

Stimulus package recepients

Hi editor, Could we please start and have a look at the list of those companies and individuals that were recipients of the economic stimulus package? Or maybe the government can publish on their FB...

Southsea Islander of North West Santo Origin

I'm trying to trace the descendants of the lost tribes who owns lands in the coastal areas of North West Santo whom we believe have been black birded leaving their land alienated, so without custom land...

Covid 19 passed through frozen food?

Hello, I watch the news and in New Zealand they report that coronavirus may have been pass on through meat packing facilities. I want to know whether this is really true, or if it is possible for the...

To talk on behalf of the innocent kids in Solomon islands

Firstly I'll talk on behalf of the kids of Solomon Islands, kids these generation are too blind to realise what they've done just to get fame. It's only fame they want, and they are too obsessed with...

Border restrictions

To the Editor: I am worried we will not be able to stop the virus from coming to our country. I know the border is a very hard place to monitor the movement of people. The area is too big to monitor,...

Covid 19

Solomons has been wise to lock down early. Watching what has, and is happening across the Western world, despite the obvious advantages and expertise, is both tragic and heartbreaking. And now in PNG;...

Travel bubble

To the Editor: What is the latest on the proposed travel bubble? Been reading several coverage online, but all seems to be plans, nothing concrete. Here's an idea, have one of your many islands set...

Sick rapist!

I am sick and tired of reading rape cases, and this one about the father raping his daughter is disgusting! What kind of a human being is this man! Hope he gets the maximum sentence. What is wrong with...

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