Letters to the Editor Archive August 2011

Mundas International Airport

Hi there, I read an article earlier this year saying that Munda was to become an International airport. Is this still going ahead? As an international tourist I believe if Munda airport gets upgraded...

Strike a way forward

Dear Editor, Today is a day of change. You talk about the change in technology; the change in education; the change in the administrative processes; the change in the human belief system; the change...

Temotu Pele

Dear Editor, Allow me space to respond to the letter of Otto. Development starts from the individual itself. Otto, go back to Temotu and start to do something to add value to society. Development need...

PM and Opposition analysis

Dear Editor, I have few comments to add to your letters to the editorial column. These comments are based on the issue of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) and some other related matters. I have read from...

Temotu Pele

Dear Editor I would be very much delighted if you could publish my concern in one of your daily issue. I am quite concern of the fact that people of Temotu Pele are not seeing and enjoying what is rightfully...

Transparency Climate

Ocean algae has not been measured and taken into account in global warming and climate change science even though ocean produces over 50 percent of world oxygen. Transparency Solomon Islands should comment...

Go the Bonitos!!

Dear Editor I think it is time that Solomon Island Citizens should come together and support the selection of the National Soccer Squad for the up coming Pacific games. At this stage we can not look...

Human Traficking

Dear Editor I was amazed but not surprised of the story told by Sr. Doreen during the recent Work in Honiara. I think one of the problems we have in our systems is ignorance. We cant even learn from...

Why Biodiversity is important

Dear editor - Thank you for publishing this article in your column. A country in which, we all dress the same, united by our 'Pidgin' (broken English) language, eat the same food and tend to listen to...

Empowering our Women!

Dear editor, Thanks for the medium to share one with our leaders on the above subject. Several of the United Nation Millennium development goals (MDGs) deal with the situation of women. The target of...

Appreciation Vs Copra

Thank you for publishing this on your paper. Is this appreciation ( 5%) too early to be done or is it drastically implemented? Either way doesn't help at all. Instead of buying a bag of rice at $126 /...

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