I wish to respond to Mr.Takoraha I nao, that I did not intend to challenge him in any way, however, I was trying to urge Makira People to be responsible and have respect for their environment, in which they depend on for their survival.

What I was trying to say is that, we people in Makira Ulawa Province can stop logging at no cost. Rather than waiting for Logging to come into our lands and complaining, we should be serious and stop logging before their machines landed on our shores. I know loggers or licensees or those who claim to be Land owners usually go around asking people to sign their lands for logging. People who are not informed of the seriousness of this activity (logging) easily trapped and signed up their lands. However, if our people are well informed of the bad effects of this dying Industry, they would not give up their lands.

Hence, if you are arguing about responsible authorities to intervene to settle problems associated with logging activities already happening in your area, I would agree you pursue it, as for me, I will stand with my people to ensure no logging enters the only land we plant our food, cocoa and coconut. Hem nomoa wantok. Kapuna takoraha.