Dear Editor

After three weeks in Honiara I observed few things which I want to highlight through this medium for our leaders to take serious action in correcting them if they are still sleeping on the chairs our people elected them to.

First: It was disgusting seeing foreigners operating transport (Bus and Taxi) in Honiara. This business i believe should be left to Nationals. Thus, as much as possible the government should protect this sovereign right of citizens. This is not a racist opinion but rather a common sense. We cannot just allow and open up the business door without any guard or restrictions to the types of businesses foreigners can operate and which ones are restricted to citizens only.

Second: Fast Food enterprises. This business activity MUST also be restricted to citizens. How can our people compete, run and be successful if we allow foreigners with money takeover simple things Solomon Islanders can easily start and operate?

Third: The image of Honiara City. I can give my honest opinion that the only part of the city that looks beautiful is from the Central Bank to the Sol Plaza. The shopping center from Mendana to China Town is no way near to what a city should be called. The buildings are not modern, very old, dirty and rubbish is every where. If we have a standard that investors should follow, then City Council should monitor and strictly execute the Policy.

Thank you

God bless Solomon Islands