Letters to the Editor Archive March 2011

Teacher an Honorable Profession

I read with regret the experiences went through by Mr. Robert Dukavalaka in this online paper. All alone I was a hardcore of Solomon Islands Education System. However, to read such a degrading and humiliting...

Logistical Needs Of The Royal Solomon Island Police

Dear Editor Recent political instability has delayed the Solomon Islands SB$2 billion 2011 budget but it is expected to pass the scrutiny of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) and be tabled relatively...

Thanks Honiara

Having recently visited Honiara for a holiday (my first visit) I was very pleasantly surprised at the friendliness of everyone we met. I would like to publicly thank the ladies at SSEC Vavaya Ridge transit...

Australia's foreign aid program hit by massive fraud

Dear editor, This is headline news not only in major Australian media (print, broadcast, audiovisual, what have you) outlets yesterday but allso around the region. Few have carved a scholarly pursuit...

Teachers Delayed Payment

I read with great interest, of the debatable issue pertaining the above subject. In my editorial I will testify my experience with teaching service division (TSD), a ministerial division within the Ministry...

Large African Snails

The answer to eradicating Large African Snail pests in the Solomons lies in teaching the general population how to shell, gut, and clean these snails in order to boil them long enough to be edible, by...

Climate Money Grab

It seems to me from all the Niue reports that the only thing particpants see is a chance for AID handout. How about the countries particpating start doing something about the environment. ie STOP ALL...

Tsunami destroys Wagina Seaweed farming

Seaweed farming is the only major source of income for the people of Wagina in South Choiseul Province. From seaweed farming, they pay for their children school fees, health, food and other daily needs....

Israel Solo Agriculture

Israel might do well to comprehend how intense tropical rain floods and washes away topsoil in Solomon Islands agriculture, as it did with Guadalcanal Plains. Agriculture in SI can not be sustained and...

Climate Change at the Forefront

Dear editor, can you publish few comments on the said subject. The intention of these comments is not to trivialise Warren Senders expressed views on climate change but to obtain better understanding,...

Explanation Needed On the Provision Of Solomon Islands Amnesty Law

Dear Editor, In the years since leaving office in the Solomon Islands, I have constantly advocated the pursuit of reconciliation, but true reconciliation, in my view, will only come when those responsible...

Olympic Politicians

Dear Editor, May I suggest that Solomon Islands Olympic office NOCSI close Athletic Association, and allow our fellow 100m politicians to represent us in the up coming London Olympic 2012 and Pacific...

Climate Change at the Forefront

Ban Ki-moon's vow of United Nations support for Pacific Island States is welcome news. At this point, the juggernaut of climate change cannot be stopped; it may only be slowed - and island economies and...

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