Dear Editor,

I have few comments to add to your letters to the editorial column. These comments are based on the issue of State Owned Enterprises (SOE) and some other related matters. I have read from your publication through online messages that PM and the Leader of Opposition were heated in argument as to who supposed to be manning the government SOEs.

After spending sometimes to read through the argument I was able to pick something of value that may help to clarify some areas of confusion or misunderstanding.

First, let me reiterate what the Prime Minister had said. I remember from a statement made by our country's hard working Prime Minister Danny Philip that his government did the right thing by being transparent and accountable according to the wishes of the popularity. On the other hand, our hard working Opposition Leader Dr Derick Sikua made a strong statement that interference into SOE by the PM was such unwelcoming.

If you happen to read that article you would come to realize that both prominent leaders were criticizing each other according to their own level of understanding and perceptions. Obviously, these two leaders are political leaders and the way they threw stones at each other was part of the culture of that kind of political organization. Whether we like it or not, that is the way such kind of culture is meant to be.

You see, in any society where human beings exist, there is always what we call 'checks and balances'. This is the kind of culture in which people were used to it and they continue to put it into practice in such kind of society where they come from. Today many people are educated and they have different thoughts about the way things are functioning. Some people love to watch football while others are interested to watch rugby; some people like to listen to music, while others spend time to read books; some people produce something for production purposes, while others produce something for consumption purposes; some people feel like dreaming about fulfillments, while others work for survival of their wishes; some people agree, while others disagree; and the list goes on. This is the true color of what 'checks and balances' is all about.

Let me put it this way according to a philosophical perspective: some of the time we must be agree to disagree and not all of the time we must disagree to agree. Sounds strange? I hope not. This is the whole idea of 'checks and balances'. Some of the times leaders need to listen and accept criticisms and all of time they must make wise decisions.

I would say that Honourable Prime Minister Danny Philip and his colleague in the Opposition arms Dr Derrick Sikua were actually doing the right thing. I personally welcomed such kind of political relationship. A healthy and a wealthy government is one that put a lot of emphasis on feedback through positive criticisms. Positive criticisms promote intellectual development and intellectual development promotes better change for the society.

To our Honourable Prime Minister and his Cabinet Ministers and the Leader of Opposition and his Members, there is one thing that I would like to share with you in these final lines of sentences. I must say that there is nothing wrong with the way you made your comments and how you implemented your policy framework or your strategic plans. Appointing a minister or someone else to chair the board of SOEs has nothing to do with abusing of official position or any sort of that kind. What is more important is choosing the right person for the right position. It is as simple as that as far as I thought. If you think that your minister is fit for that position then why not appoint him. Or if you think otherwise, then I'm sure there are other opportunities and potentialities. Henry Ford once said this: 'If you think you can, you can and if you think you can't, you can't.'

One thing that leaders must aware of is that it is not easy to judge the potential of human beings. In other words, every ends does not always justify the means. What I am trying to say is that you don't judge a person according to what you see - you allow the person to judge according to what he or she sees fit. Human beings see human beings from personal point of view and they always say that negative questions will always give negative answers. Likewise, human beings continue to see that every positive ends justify every positive means. That is how leaders as managers see things. The whole idea that I am trying clarify here is something to do with leaders as followers. To lead your nation (people) forward you must be a servant leader (follower). If it means to accept the criticism, then accept it; if it means to give to the people, then give what is rightfully due to the people; if it means to sleep without food, then drink a cup of water and go to bed; and if it means to serve your people, then honestly serve your people by accurately carrying out your duties and responsibilities.

Making decision is one thing, and fulfilling the achievements is another thing. Hence, may I call upon our trusted leaders in our government to serve both the have and the have-nots equally as you have been mandated to do so. Under no circumstances, let evil thoughts take control. This time we need you - we are not the future - we are the future of today.

May I once again call upon our 50 Members of Parliament to work together, live together, share together, and be united together. Wish all well in your work and may God Bless you and your families.

God Bless Solomon Islands from shore to shore.

By John Iromea
University of Goroka
Papua New Guinea