Dear Editor

I think it is time that Solomon Island Citizens should come together and support the selection of the National Soccer Squad for the up coming Pacific games.

At this stage we can not look at the squad and try to find loop holes to criticize the selection. Selection has been made and there is nothing that we can do about it but to give our 120% support.

It is now up to the boys to stay focus and start to do strategic planing of each own play. Remember you as a player you can not depend on your mate to do the job for you but to give a leg to help with a successfully finishing play. Your efforts and push should only cease when the referee blows the final signal in each matches; this should be one of your strategies. Never say die!!

As a diehard supporter of Solomon Island Squad I would like to encourage the boys to put our beautiful country first and regain the lost pride we once had.

Come-on Bonitos, swim fast from the first second to the last and tell THEM that we are BACK for GOOD. Soccer is ours and it is time we reclaim it.


Martin Oto