Dear Editor

I was amazed but not surprised of the story told by Sr. Doreen during the recent Work in Honiara.

I think one of the problems we have in our systems is ignorance. We cant even learn from what other countries have experienced and work on a system that protects and safeguard our heritage and its people.

To response and say that gathering evidences and prove on Human Trafficking has encountered major difficulties is not good enough. The responsible Authority and the Government as the ultimate Governing Head of the country, systems and policies should have been put in place to prevent such thing from happening. And if it will happening at least we have somethings to safeguard our people from being further victimized in their own country.

I don't think people of Solomon Islands would like to listen to rubbish and poorly constructed and executed reasons to hide your own ignorance and failures. If funding is the main problem say so and work with the appropriate bodies and hierarchies to secure funds for such an important problems that directly affecting our people while you leaders and office workers sit back, relaxing in your comfortable chairs in your offices enjoying your fortnights.

We should ask ourselves, why problems thought to be happening in other countries are now being experienced in the country? Well, if we cant read between the lines the fact is basic Government Services and Funds rightfully belonging to the grassroots is not reaching them, thus, families being forced to venture into illegal businesses and turning a blind eye to such problems. I believe in their hearts and minds they knew that such activity is not right but what more can they do.

Hence, I suggest STOP BEING RIGHTEOUS, PERFECT and what not, and push the system already being established for the good of our people.

Martin Oto