Dear Editor

I would be very much delighted if you could publish my concern in one of your daily issue.

I am quite concern of the fact that people of Temotu Pele are not seeing and enjoying what is rightfully theirs.

Since Solomon Islands gain its independence in 1978 July 7th, Temotu Pele constituency is yet to see development taken to them at their door step. Looking at Health and Education, impact projects rather than hand-outs, are among the countries neglected sectors. As a result people from Temotu Pele are being forced from their homes by the myth of life that is happening in HONIARA. There are virtually nothing to keep them busy and develop their own constituency. If someone wants to do a reserach on the urban drift rate of each constituency in Solomon Islands I am sure Temotu Pele would be one of the highest.

If there is a committee put in place to look at developments in the constituency, they should be pushing the MP to do something before the constituency is left behind.