Ocean algae has not been measured and taken into account in global warming and climate change science even though ocean produces over 50 percent of world oxygen.
Transparency Solomon Islands should comment publicly whether climate action should include action on reducing algae and not just focus on reducing CO2 emissions.
Increase in algae due to increased dumping of human sewage nutrient pollution should be expected.

Increased sewage nutrient opollution is linked to increasing ocean dead zones worldwide where algae innundation is absorbing available oxygen, causing anoxia that is killing marine life like what happened recently in Morovo Lagoon.

True climate change action should be to debate and acknowledge or disprove algae plant matter particle warmth being moved in ocean currents and likely or not increasing ocean warmth.

Sewage nutrient pollution is also feeding algae that is killing seagrass on which baitfish depend, on which migratory fish and animals and islanders depend.
Staple food for islanders used to be fish. Island agriculture food supply is not sustainable due to cyclone and tropical rain.

Numerous island people now call for food aid. Petrol for finding fish is not generally affordable.

Consequences including anaemia linked maternal mortality and major body organ failure are already increasing. The increase coincides with protein deficiency malnutrition.

Why is there no debate about these issues in Pacific Islands Forum agenda?
There is dire urgent need for transparent debate and action, not just repeated talk about actual Melinnium Development Goals, or just about CO2.