The 2010 national elections fever is starting to gain momentum with yet another launching of a political party manifesto in Honiara this Sunday.

A new political party known as "OUR Party" will officially launch its campaign platform at the multi-purpose hall in Honiara this Sunday.

Interim president of the party, the Parliamentary Leader of Opposition, Manasseh Sogavare says this Sunday's launching of the party platform will trigger series of similar launching in the provinces.

Mr Sogavare says OUR Party expects to contest most of the constituency parliamentary seats in the coming general elections in June this year.

He says the main objective of the new political party is to address core issues such as decentralization of economic development.

Mr Sogavare says Solomon Islands can only prosper if the outstanding fundamental issues such as equitable distribution of wealth and economic development are fully addressed by the government.

He says the country can only reflect on the need to address these issues by referring back to what had triggered the ethnic upheaval experienced in the late 90's and early 2000.

Mr Sogavare went on to explain that the terminology derived from the so called OUR Party is simple.

"O stands for ownership, U for unity and R for responsibility."

He says these three pillars are fundamental to the unity and development of this nation.