A new political party that will represent the views of Solomon Islands' women is in the making.

Founder and leader of the Peace, Oneness and Prosperity Party for Solomon Islands Delmah Nori says from past experience, women have always found it difficult to join existing parties.

She says the few women who were accepted into male dominated parties were voice-less and unfairly represented.

Mrs Nori says in the past, women vying for a seat in politics became lone strugglers and were without a clear and proper guidance. She says the idea for a political party for women contesting the coming general election came out of this conviction.

Mrs Nori says the party will strive to ensure peace is delivered to homes and families after the frightening experience of the past ethnic tension.

She says the party believes that peace and unity breeds prosperity. Mrs Nori says the political party does not support a fragmented Solomon Islands but rather see the 'hapi Isles" restored.

The party leader says they are planning a formal launch of their party manifesto in February or March this year.