A former Politician describes the Government's intention of amending the constitution to allow more seats for some constituencies as total nonsense.

Speaking to National Express, he said increasing number of seats in Parliament indicates government's pure politicking tactics for some Members of Parliament to retain their seats this year.

When Express asked his observation on the performance of current MPs, he said most of them will not come back in the upcoming election so "... the government has to find a way out for some MPs to retain their seat this year."

He argued that the nation have their expectations on politicians and even with the existing 50 (fifty) constituencies, some are still not performing their duties to the expected standard.

"It makes no difference and no sense in increasing number of seats in Parliament when we still have a bunch of underperforming politicians. This is ridiculous as far as the public is concerned."

He suggested any government of the day should continue with the fifty (50) seats currently allocated in Parliament.

"It is up to the people in constituencies to choose the right leader to represent them at the national level."

He said the issue now is the need for the national leaders to perform their duties to the public's expectation.

"It is better for national leaders to improve in their performance rather than have more seats for more confused MPs."

Parliament has passed the Bill and is yet to receive the report of the Electoral Boundaries to be tabled in Parliament in March, the last meeting that will lead up to the dissolution of Parliament in April 24th 2010.

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