Chief Electoral Officer, Mr Polycarp Haununu, says the Electoral Commission's public awareness program is in full swing and aims to inform people about voter registration and the electoral process.

"Every Saturday night at 7.10pm, up until the national election, people can tune into the national broadcaster, SIBC, for election news and information, and have their questions answered about voter registration and the electoral process."

Mr Haununu invited people to phone, fax or email their questions to the Electoral Commission, and they would be answered each week on the program.

Awareness posters explaining the voter registration process are being printed in newspapers and advertising featuring Nati could also be seen on One News television and heard on ZFM.

"Registration officials coming house to house during voter registration will also be carrying information papers explaining voter registration and the election process, and putting up posters in the main villages in each ward telling people about voter registration and what they needed to do," Mr Haununu said.

Mr Haununu said it was vital that people had information so that they understood how to make sure that they were registered as a voter in one place only and with one name only.

The Electoral Commission is also holding an Official Public Information Day, Sunday 31 January, 1-5pm, at the new Maranatha SDA Centre, Burns Creek, where Sharzy and Lite Life will be playing, and electoral officials will be available to give out information and answer questions.

"The Electoral Commission especially wants women and young people to come and find out about voter registration and elections," Mr Haununu said.

"Voter registration is conducted by the Electoral Commission, but it is really requires the whole country to be informed, come together and work together to build a final voters' list that is true."

"Every man and woman 18 years and older gets one chance every four years to choose their representative in Parliament."

"We want to give people the information so they can exercise their right to participate in this important democratic process," Mr Haununu said.


Call 22015, fax to 21463 or email with your question.