Dear Editor,

I would like to think that there is no one system, which we can say, is better than the other. The fact is, systems are designed by humans for humans to abid to and make work what it requires for those responsible to do. We can design and amend sytem delivery styles and techniques to benefit our people, but if the core of the system that will make it work is absent, how hard we try how efforts will still fall short.

What we need is a corrupt free individuals & institutions. We need individuals that put the people of Solomon Islands first before his/her own interest of adding to his/her fortnight account.

If we start looking at POWER as a tool and avenue to make positive changes rather than an opportunity to get rich over night; Solomon Islands would see and experience the bright light Developed Countries are currently enjoying. Solomon Islands as a small Nation State, is not difficult to manage.

We read in the newspapers about helps coming from our bilateral partners, helping Solomn Islands to develop its various sectors and the constituencies in the country. However, the help has not trickled down to the beneficiaries therefore, very little or no changes have been happening for the people of Solomon Islands, especially the rural population to say wholehearted "THANK YOU" to our FRIENDS. We heard of millions for rural development and days passed, the days became weeks, then months, months into years but nothing. Our rural clinics, schools, to say a few are still waiting for their major surgery to fix their multiple problems.

I think it is time we MUST adopt and adapt the values of CHRISTIANITY and be honest to ourselves for the sake of the NATION and ITS PEOPLE.