First, let me thank James Mate for his response to my article. It demonstrates that my article is being noticed and for that I am grateful.

Second, let me remind Mr. so called James that I have all the right under the law of the country to raise issues I am concerned with. Mr. so called James might not realized but Mr. Joseph Onika is an elected MP mandated through the normal electoral process. I can understand where you are coming from when you mentioned Mr. Onika as a chef. You are absolutely right with that. What is lacking in your article though is the fact that whether Mr. Onika is a chef or not he is now the MP for East Central Guadalcanal therefore he is given the highest responsibility to represent his constituency. To represent constitute various functions, one of which is to promote participatory governance. By participatory governance he is legally mandated to keep his constituents informed of what he has been doing since he entered parliament. I know that he is a chef but I also know that he is our MP therefore my request for information from his office. I do not want to judge him from his employment or educational history nor do I want to blame the people, because that would be naive and childish so to speak. What is more important now is to support him carry out his responsibility as expected. I am trying my best to support him by way of the article. In that way he is reminded of his duties.

Martin Matea