The Government House today said it is not a practice for the Governor General to announce the Proclamation of the election date on the radio.

Private Secretary to the Governor General, Mr Nigel Maezama made the clarification following concerns raised by a former Electoral Officer John Babalu over the lack of announcement on the National Broadcaster, SIBC.

Mr Babalu said the fact that the Governor General Sir Frank Kabui did not proclaim the election date on SIBC "belittles the Office of the Governor General."

But Mr Maezama explained that Mr Babalu's view is not a requirement under the relevant law and does not belittle the Office of the Governor General in any way.
Mr Maezama explained that a Proclamation is a subsidiary legislation under section 16 of the Interpretation and General Provisions Act.

"The Proclamation, being a subsidiary legislation, needs to be published in the Gazette first, and for this case, it became effective on June 22 under section 61 of the Interpretation and General Provisions Act," Maezama said.

Mr Maezama said it is not the practice to announce a subsidiary legislation over the radio before it is published in the Gazette and comes into force.

"In this case, the Chairman of the Electoral Commission has announced the publication of the Proclamation after its publication in the Gazette which is considered to be sufficient," Maezama said.