The Rural and Urban Political Party, RUPP, has promised to build a prosperous Solomon Islands with a healthy economy, dignity and well being for its citizens.

Speaking at the launch of the Party's Manifesto in Honiara over the weekend, Party President Samuel Manetoali said the party's primary aspiration for the country is to prosper into the 21st century.

Mr Manetoali said the party will focus on the basics by improving disparities between the rural and urban communities to enable the country to enjoy "equity in economic growth and the improvement and enhancing of the standard of living in villages and homes."

He said RUPP is adamant that the appropriate avenue for the government is to open up economic growth centres in all constituencies in the provinces.

RUPP President Mr Manetoali said the party will devise a comprehensive policy mechanism to enable this concept to materialize.

He said the Economic Growth Centre is where all traditional local produce such as timbers, copra, cocoa, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits are sold.

Mr Manetoali said business people may be encouraged to set up wholesaling, tourism facilities, local marketing networks and banking services.

He said infrastructure and other economic services such as roads, airfields, wharves, storage facilities, utilities and a review of taxation impeding rural investment will be put in place.

Mr Manetoali said in this case, urban services and facilities move closer to the people.

He said that the rural people must now take an active role in developing and making use and benefiting from their natural resources.

Mr Manetoali said should his party gain power the government's budget will provide significant allocation for economic growth centres.