I read with regret the experiences went through by Mr. Robert Dukavalaka in this online paper.

All alone I was a hardcore of Solomon Islands Education System. However, to read such a degrading and humiliting nature of those responsible to address teachers issue and welfare is like slap on the face.

If people who are in the offices in the Ministry can not live up to what they were tasked to do, they just have to pack up and go home. We need honest, trustworthy and reliable people to keep the Ministry from such inefficiency, which we Solomon Islanders do not need and tolerate.

Teachers are the most important assets in any country and to read an article about ineffiency in offices directly responsible to them is annoying and humiliting.

If I can remember well, during the government of late Ulufa'alu in (1997-) one of his priority was the re-scaling of the public servants and teachers pay structure. He was looking at putting all Degree holders on the same salary structure despite the field of specilization. I guess Mr. ulufa'alu was in the same thought that teachers need to be compensated well as they deserved more then any others. Without teachers there won't be a country!

Mr. Robert it was unfortunate that things happened the way you discussed but it is good that you came out with your issue so that the appropriate authority should do something to overhaul the ministry if people cant people or only attends to an issue when some money is paid to them. We dont need corrupted minds in our offices.

The Education Minister must check his officers in his Ministry and start making people to work as they are paid to do what they are suppose to do.