Dear editor,

This is headline news not only in major Australian media (print, broadcast, audiovisual, what have you) outlets yesterday but allso around the region.

Few have carved a scholarly pursuit in this 'foreign aid' subject. Some agree, others disagree and agree to disagree on its basic principles, while a considerable flock are rightly oblivious to the rattle.

However, the revelation of SI in blistering pace to register substantial foreign aid fraud cases (19) behind PNG, Indonesia and Philippines identifies the point of convergence. i.e. there is absolutely no contention to the fact we harbour low life's who thrive on the generous and needy.

Apart from the condemnation of such despicable conduct my other personal disappointment would be to learn if the politicians are active participants.

I will lose my MP's debate with my 100 year old koko (grandfather). He is adamant politicians are like sakwalo (flying fox), never look up to them. Or they are like wawa (snake), look down at them.