I read with great interest, of the debatable issue pertaining the above subject. In my editorial I will testify my experience with teaching service division (TSD), a ministerial division within the Ministry of Education and Human Resources Division (MEHRD). In 2009 and 2010, I worked for the Ministry serving as an untrained teacher under the Choiseul education authority, at Choiseul Bay PSS.During my term I taught Senior Business Classes and being a form 6 economic teacher.

Everything was fine during the taking of performing my duties as a teacher. But one thing hurts me deeply, thus I have to resign- Teachers delayed Payment. For those two years I was paid the lowest salary level of 2.3 (the first payment being a lump sum salary received after service for 8 months-a delay caused by TSD),even though I worked with my Diploma certificate as my ticket. I was advised to formally graduate with my Diploma so as to allow salary releveling. I did that. My employment contract was reworked early in January 2010 for salary re-leveling and salary backdate. The reworked contract was sent the same time (January) hoping that facilitations will be prompted. Three month passed no re-leveling ever was about to be done. I confirm such information through direct conversation with Hellen Mona, Officer responsible to Choiseul Teachers. After confirmation of receipt of my reworked contract, I was informed again that my contract never reach their office or was misplaced by them.

Times are getting harder after those painful run about. The salary I got since then, is enough for a bag of 20kg rice and and it finished before the next fortnight arrives.

Due to those unexpressed delay, I have to collect my reworked contract and the POR plus a letter from my education authority and went over to Honiara to hand deliver those. I did, and then I went home again and continue my duties, as a teacher. That is during the June 2010 break.

Until October 2010, responsible officer from the TSD confirm to me that they didn't see or received my reworked contract and my full POR which I hand deliver to the office named above. By then I resign my position as a teacher and went home.

To date from the testimony above, the Ministry failed its obligation to re-level, back date and make payment for my Salary. And again it failed its obligation for about 44 fortnights. Indeed I am one of the victims of the matter - delayed teachers' payment.

On legal grounds, the ministry fails to comply with the General Order set by the public services commission. Directly, it was a violation of the General Order, Chapter E Salary and Salary Scales, GOE s2, 202(1)(d) and s3,301(1-3) and so on according to the said section in General Order.

What a mess you have left uncleared? It was shocking to explore that my salary was stopped just one week after I resign - very fast!!

Therefore and finally I want to urge the responsible body to look into the matter seriously. Make compensation payment is just one measure to reduce the matter. Mobilizing and recruiting and activating employees in the said division are a must to reduce such headaches. The reason for addressing such issue is not for the benefit of teachers but also to those who directly receive the teachers services (Students).I Hope my times are not yet over with the ministry.

Solomon Islands must Repent at workplace level to avoid continuation of such sicknesses.