Dear Editor,

It is interested to read an article written by Duncan T.Ngiumoana published by Solomon star on March 27th 2020 .What the author was saying should be seriously considered by the national government and its people. There are people who are in need at this time especially some families ,employees and individuals who worked or provided services but have insufficient fund available to help themselves .Therefore the national government should work closely with the ministry of finance,NPF,the banks in the solomon Islands to assist people in the coming Months. For instance in the Marshall islands, the government are working closely with the local banks, to provide full allotment with tax,health and medical contribution free to all government employees and public servants for three months .Additionally,those who have loan and insufficient fund available will be given full pay until such time the corona virus issue is addressed.
Also I am so grateful to the leaders , various ministries of the Marshall Islands who have made a firm decision on how to control the importation of the Covid-19. If our people and government worked together to help the wild fire victims in Australia ,then our current leaders and responsible ministry should look at ways they can assist our local people in the Solomon, who have contributed alot in our economy. I hope and pray that our national government of Solomon Islands should use the NPF money,their saving money could be used at this abnormal time.