Hello wantoks,

A few weeks ago we saw on TV here in Australia the outbreak of coronavirus in China, not too long ago we had confirmed cases here in Australia.

We are getting all sorts of advise and support through the government and others - so yes apart from fighting over toilet paper I believe the majority of Australians will be fine.

My mother is from Sols, and I am so worried if the virus hits our country. We are not ready, our hospitals are already stretched and so are our resources to deal with a possible outbreak.

The only thing I count on is our hundreds of beautiful Islands, what better way to practice social distancing - that is our biggest strength should the virus hit.

Should the virus hit maybe the government can offer free boat trips for those who wish to return to their Island or village. There they can go back to the lifestyle that kept our ancestors safe - fishing, gardening and a stress free life away from the craziness of Corona.